The Journey

Since April I have learned a new definition of busy! We have worked hard for the people of Oklahoma. I have had fundraisers, visited with people in the community, gone to festivals, parades, ball games, and dinners! I have visited with superintendents, educators, and collaborated with other candidates. The next month will be our busiest month! This campaign and I need everything that you supporters have! We need funds and volunteers! October is our month to reinforce to the people of Oklahoma that they have a voice and that voice will lead to the change we need!

The Campaign Begins



My name is Renae Ward. I am the eldest daughter of Eddie and Mary Cannon. I have one younger sister, and I was raised in a small town off of Hwy 82 called Saint Jo, Texas.

I’ve called Sulphur Oklahoma home for the past eight years. I graduated from Texas Women’s University with a Bachelor of Science degree, then went back to college and received a Master’s degree from East Central University in Educational Leadership.  I work full time at Epic Charter School as well as teach a night class at Murray State College. I previously taught at Sulphur Elementary School as the Special Education teacher for the last eight years as well.

I am engaged to an Oklahoma Corporation Commission Motor Carrier Officer and we have a three-year-old son. I will soon have a twelve-year-old stepson. I also have an adopted ten-year-old daughter from a previous marriage. In my free time, I like to walk my dogs, take my family to the Chickasaw National Recreational Area and do arts and crafts.

I have a passion for education and for the future of Oklahoma’s children. I have personally witnessed and felt the budget cuts and how it affects the quality of education in Oklahoma. This has motivated me to run for State Representative of District 22 as an Independent candidate. I plan to help bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans. If I am elected I will diligently represent Oklahomans to make our voices heard. I have made a difference in the lives of children and now it’s time I step up and make a difference for Oklahomans.



In mid-April, I was approached by several local educators to seek office for State Representative for the House District #22. They were very persuasive and after careful consideration, I have decided to accept this challenge. It is with great honor that I announce my candidacy and I look forward to working diligently to represent Oklahomans and make our voices heard.

Being an active voter and participating in my community’s elections has been important to me. With this great responsibility, a single voice can make a difference. I have been a servant to the children of this great state and now feel that I am ready to serve all Oklahomans. As a Representative I am planning to bring ideas from the people to the House.

I have a passion for education and for the future of Oklahoma’s children. I have personally witnessed and felt the budget cuts and how it affects the quality of education in Oklahoma. I can no longer sit on the sideline and watch our House of Representatives degrade and defund our educational system. The children of Oklahoma deserve more, and my children deserve more. I want to be the change we need and the voice we deserve. I have been making a difference in the lives of children and now it’s time I step up as Representative in District #22 and change the lives of all Oklahomans.

I am thrilled at the prospect of serving the great people of this state. My campaign has just begun to take off and I look forward to interacting with each county of District #22. My main opponent has served several terms of his political office. He no longer represents what the people want or stand for. It is my desire to step forward and offer the voters of these counties a choice.

In order to be successful in this journey, I will have to have a dedicated, organized and passionate team. I believe the voters of these counties will come together with family and friends in a united effort. My support group has already been working hard on marketing and a winning strategy. We look forward to seeing you along the campaign trail.

There will be brochures to print, yard signs to order, and advertisements to purchase, I will need your help. I am humbly inviting all the people who know me best to get involved in my campaign and let’s make a difference. Any donations are greatly appreciated in helping my campaign move forward.

Early contributions can be made payable to “Ward for House 2018.” This will give our race the boost it needs to be successful early on.

Thank you in advance for your encouragement, support, and prayers. Brian and I are both grateful for your friendship, support, and blessing during this campaign year.

Sincerely yours,

Renae WardWard 6 (3)

Please make contributions to

To volunteer please contact me at 903-651-1853


Facebook: Renae Ward HD22

Thank you for  your commitment,

Renae Ward